hrs strata geoveiw 10.1正式版 2015 10.1 20160308正式版


New Features – HRS 10.0 :

ProAZ – Azimuthal AVO
Azimuthal Velocity analysis
Azimuthal Modeling
RockSI – Advanced Rock Physics*
Log Analysis
Creation of Petro Elastic Models
GeoSI – Stochastic Inversion*
Depth Domain Inversion
PRO4D – 3D warping
Cross plotting
Zone-guided clustering analysis.
Prepare Rock Physics Template (RPT) in Petro-elastic Model (PEM) format.

Arbitrary Line – viewing and processing
Datum Handling
ProMC angle computation.
Well Ties in Depth
Connection to Petrel
Connection to PowerLog
Connection to Insight Earth
Advanced 3D Visualization**
Large volume handling
Geobody extraction
RGB blending
Azimuthal glyph display

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