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geovation? offers geoscientists a comprehensive set of processing modules and
applications to deal with all aspects of seismic processing. The software is a single portable
source code for all supported platforms, guaranteeing consistency from workstations to
There are 503 processing modules designed to execute single or complex functions on a
seismic data flow (batch mode). Some modules have parallelized and optimized versions
for certain types of multi-processor computers or clusters.
A set of 23 graphic interactive applications or workstations provides users with
functions such as flow design, data analysis, parameter definition, event picking, velocity
interpretation, refraction statics, attribute QC, and so on.
geovation? runs both batch and interactive applications on PC/Linux equipment only.
JobManager is the operating environment that optimizes job distribution across
heterogeneous networks of machines and accesses datasets requested by programs
wherever they are on the network, through the Distributed Data Access Manager (DDAM).
The datasets stored on magnetic tapes are accessed through the Automatic Volume
Recognition (AVR) sub-system.
Importing and exporting seismic data (that is, formatted files) is managed with the AVR or
DDAM sub-system (or an HSM system in the case of data migration from/to tapes in a robot).
The Seismic Data Server (SDS) is a software package designed to make the management
of intermediate datasets (that is, data exchange with seismic jobs) entirely transparent to
the geoscientist.
The eXtended Processing Support (XPS) sub-system handles auxiliary data (trace attributes
such as elevation, static correction, gain, velocities, and QC results) in a database.
The geoscientist or site administrator can easily access the documentation for the
geovation? 2015 release through a browser. See Section 2.5, “Documentation”, p. 13
for more information.
Development Environment1 provides access to a comprehensive set of development tools
and documentation, for centers that develop their own modules and applications within
the geovation? environment.
In comparison to the previous geovation? 2013 release, there are 49 new batch
You will find in this document a short description of each function that is available to the
geoscientist or site administrator, within the geovation? working environment.





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