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Dynel2D 1.7.0 is a major release of Dynel2D featuring better link with 3D modeling, usability and automation improvements and improved functionality when used as a pre-processor to Petroleum Systems Modeling. One of the main new features of Dynel2D 1.7.0 is its ability to start the workflow from an already built 3D surface model (e.g. imported from Petrel) and to perform several cross sections through this model. Dynel2D 1.7.0 also features several performance and robustness improvements.

Dynel2D 1.7.1 is a patch release that fixes stability problems that have been observed with (non commercial) version 1.7.0 of Dynel2D. It therefore does not contain any new features compared to 1.7.0. Note that complete forward and backward compatibility between projects created with both version has been preserved.
This section lists the main bug fixes and known problems of the current version of Dynel2D 1.7.1.

Dynel 3D is an easy to use restoration tool that allows to unravel the evolution of complex geological structures through time. Dynel3D can be used to build structurally and mechanically consistent faulted and folded structures, to validate and correct existing 3D models, to understand the development and evolution of sedimentary basins through geological time and to model sub-seismic faults and joints. The 2.2.0 version of Dynel3D comes with dramatic improvements in terms of stability and robustness of the application. Other major enhancements are related to the modeling of thin reservoirs (or thin layers), the flexibility of the faulted horizon modeling algorithm, the accuracy of the decompaction results and, last but not least, to the introduction of observation grids in Dynel3D. Observation grids are point sets, 2D or 3D grids that can be imported into Dynel, passively deformed by the restoration process, populated with properties computed during the restoration (displacements, strains and elastic stresses) and exported back to any other software application. Its improved robustness, ease of use, performance and flexibility make Dynel 2.2.0 the most powerful 3D restoration tool on the market.

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