Geoteric 2016.2

What’s New in GeoTeric 2016.2

GeoTeric 2016.2 brings a number of exciting new features and changes. Click the link above for a full list of whats new in GeoTeric 2016.2.

Getting Started With GeoTeric

GeoTeric is the only complete Cognitive Interpretation system, allowing you to see the geology in your seismic data before interpreting. It provides interactive workflows from data conditioning to the delineation of geological elements required to build a 3D model. The Geological Expression approach allows you to utilise your geological and geophysical expertise to maximum effect, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your daily work.

Below is a general Workflow to suggest how you might use GeoTeric. Each stage of the workflow has more specific help on the steps and/or processes involved in that stage as well as examples and case studies. Individual cases will vary depending on the aim of your own workflow.

The GeoTeric interface includes operational tools such as Project Setup, Project Management and Visualisation controls, as well as Viewing Options and Tools. If you have downloaded the example project, here is an introduction to what is in a typical project:GT Example Results

There are also a number of additional tutorials and examples available in the section: such as working with Petrel.
There is also an FAQ page with more info on e.g. licensing problems.

See also:
Memory Management : Tips on settings for optimising the processing power of your system.
Accelerated Computing: How to use the GPU to dramatically improve processing/computing time.
The Practical Guide: Workflows giving step by step examples of how to get the most out of GeoTeric’s features.
The Advanced User Guide: more technical details of GeoTeric’s processing.

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