Geographix DISCOVERY GVERSE Attributes 2016.1

Introduction LMKR is pleased to announce the release of the GVERSE™ Attributes™ 2016.1 software.

This document provides an introduction to GVERSE Attributes features and benefits. It also lists the system requirements necessary to install and run the software.
What is GVERSE Attributes?
GVERSE Attributes enables geoscientists to harness the full power of seismic attributes by drastically reducing the time, effort and disk space required for attribute analysis. Fast, on-the-fly computation, and real-time visualization of seismic attributes in a multi-pane viewer, or in an 3D environment, lets interpreters perform detailed, in-depth attribute analysis quickly and efficiently, maximizing the value of their seismic data. GVERSE Attributes is part of the GVERSE application suite by LMKR (
LMKR GVERSE consists of geoscience and engineering solutions focused on workflow optimization and enhancing productivity of teams working on diverse geological and geophysical projects. These applications help cut the processing time required for interpretations resulting in fast, easy to use scalable tools that are inter-operable with other known geoscience software suites; enabling a connected multi skilled workforce.
Main Features
The main features of GVERSE Attributes are as follows:
 On-the-fly computation of attributes for any inline, crossline, timeslice, or for probes, horizons and arblines, using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
 Compare attributes and parameters quickly and efficiently in multiple panes, or in 3D space.
 Compute over 50 physical and geometric attributes, including frequency-tuned attributes using the patented CAPS technique.
 Define mathematical expressions to combine existing attributes and create custom attributes.
 Automatic Fault Extraction attributes to highlight faults.
 Structure Oriented Smoothing to enhance structural features in seismic.
 Change and edit color palettes, view histograms, and assign default color palettes for attributes.
 Co-blending, and RGB blending to visualize multiple attributes simultaneously.
 Generate volumes for selected attributes.
 Loss-less compression of SEG-Y datasets for optimized performance.
 Seamless integration with SeisVision.

Using this software, you can compute attributes on-the-fly using the GPU; allowing seismic interpreters to quickly see the results in an integrated viewer for a selected inline, crossline or timeslice and also easily adjust attribute parameters to optimize their results.
 Real-time Visualization of Results: Having intensively minimized processing time, GVERSE Attributes offers an integrated viewer to display attributes for the selected IL/XL/TS computed on-the-fly using GPU. After adjusting attribute parameters and seeing results in real-time, the user can generate the attribute for the entire dataset and load the resulting volume into SeisVision (or an equivalent interpretation software).
 Fast, Powerful 3D Engine: View on-the-fly attributes in 3D to gain deeper insight in your attribute analysis. In addition to computing attributes on inlines, crosslines, and timeslices, the users can view probes, arblines, and horizon surfaces with attributes applied on them in real time to gain useful information faster and more efficiently.
 Reduced Time and Effort for Attribute Analysis: As compared to traditional tools, GVERSE Attributes allows geoscientists to harness the full power of seismic attributes by drastically reducing the time, effort and disk space required for attribute analysis. Attributes are computed on-the-fly on controlled input data to let users view attributes results before they commit to creating volumes, saving both processing and analysis time. Attribute volumes are created on demand, eliminating the need for intermediate volumes and significantly reducing data and disk management.
 Flexibility: Features like the ability to save parameters for all available attributes and saving the complete state of the workspace to a file saves user’s time. This allows users to resume their work from where they left off, and also share their workspace with others. The workspace contains all the information in the application including the input files, any subsets, the view state (all view panels, attributes displayed on those panels, the seismic IL/XL/TS opened, and the parameters for the attributes displayed) along with any other data.
 Seamless integration with GeoGraphix® Discovery: The application integrates seamlessly with GeoGraphix Discovery as it reads seismic amplitude data from SeisVision, and exports generated volumes to SeisVision.

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