refract 3.0

The Prism Seismic Fractured Reservoir Modeling Software

ReFract represents the state-of-the-art in integrated fracture modeling software currently
available to the oil and gas industry anywhere. ReFract includes the latest in
breakthrough technologies which Prism Seismic’s technical staff has been developing
since the early nineties. Prism Seismic technologies have been put to test in the oil
patch over the last 10 years with dramatic results. Some of these results have been shared
with industry professionals through technical conferences and workshops. A short list of
references is given at the end of this user manual in order to familiarize you with the
integrated workflow and its actual application on various types of fractured reservoirs
(from tight sandstone gas reservoirs in North America to complex quartzite oil bearing
reservoirs in North Africa).
Prism Seismic’s unique fracture modeling technology takes all related fracture
information from seismic data, well logs and production data to establish the relationship
existing between these diverse data and a fracture indicator. The derived fracture
intensity models can be converted directly into porosity and permeability volumes
suitable for development and planning.
ReFract is a cross-platform software available on Windows, Unix and Linux.
The new features in this version 3.0 of ReFract are:
– the pipe display in the 3D viewer, which allows you to perform connectivity
analysis in 3D by applying a threshold on the fracture intensity,
– loading of deviated wells in different formats. The previous version allowed the
use of one format for the loading of deviated wells,
– loading of a list of wells and a list of attributes in one click, which makes the
loading process quicker,
– delete easily wells, attributes, grids or faults using the “Purge” option,
– dynamic validation: this features allows you to predict the pressure profile after
inputting the fluid, matrix and fracture properties
– dynamic calibration with the use of well tests

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