Paradigm Sysdrill 10.5 SP1

Fixed Problems
The following problems have been fixed in Sysdrill 10.5 SP 1:

DRILL-2484 Send and Receive Buttons Missing from Simulated Wellbore Editor
DRILL-3273 Wellpath sheet Crash
DRILL-3347 Covariance matrix report zero for read-only wellbore
DRILL-3415 Unused Well Targets Not Imported Correctly
DRILL-3417 No installation label on map view
DRILL-3428 Propagation mode not saving
DRILL-3431 Slot RKB Magic not working
DRILL-3461 Scale after clipping
DRILL-3493 3D viewer web page has incorrect encoding
DRILL-3494 Swab Surge Failure
DRILL-3495 Turbulent flow solution fails
DRILL-3496 Buckling Hookload Lines
DRILL-3512 Labels in saved plots
DRILL-3513 Plotting details was lost
DRILL-3515 Casing Coupling Connection details cause crash
DRILL-3517 Cannot define casing connections on a cross-over joint
DRILL-3521 Problem if choosing fulfilling AWB as parent wellbore
DRILL-3541 Missing CheckDBIntegrity for 10.6
DRILL-3552 Sensitivity Crash
DRILL-3556 Major Axis Ellipse Report Broken

DRILL-3562 Formation tops TVDSS paste error
DRILL-3581 Add stack trace logging to vexGenerate
DRILL-3582 2DXS solution fails at 0 inc at target
DRILL-3584 Crash after rename template
DRILL-3587 IPM better error on exception
DRILL-3595 Material Grade Combo Not Connected
DRILL-3597 Spreadsheet controls become disabled
DRILL-3601 GenPlot Targets drawn incorrectly in Section View with field reference
DRILL-3604 Traveling cylinder plot – can’t change background
DRILL-3605 Load Case Editor – Restore Defaults
DRILL-3609 Volume calc shows wrong annular volume
DRILL-3611 Tool-tips missing for Actual Wellpath
DRILL-3612 Mismatch in Plan vs Actual azimuth graph
DRILL-3614 Isometric view wall shadow function broken
DRILL-3615 Isometric view plot options broken
DRILL-3625 Art not correctly restored from template
DRILL-3632 Wellpath set has incorrect North Ref and Conv Angle
DRILL-3634 Plotting from field shows ellipses in wrong place
DRILL-1768 Support for UNC paths
DRILL-2468 Add support for Wellview 10
DRILL-2508 Add ability to export to LAS with IO Wizards
DRILL-2686 Add new column in assemblies

DRILL-3323 Fix translator tool
DRILL-3342 Email link to 3D viewer needs updating
DRILL-3498 Load magnetic models at startup
DRILL-3504 Hungarian Coordinate System
DRILL-3506 Add user/server details to status/title bar
DRILL-3540 Add BGGM 2016
DRILL-3549 Support more columns on target spreadsheet
DRILL-3553 Axial Yield Derated for Casing Wear
DRILL-3554 Error model import get Gyro terms wrong
DRILL-3565 Proprietary connections require too much information
DRILL-3578 Update HDGM Package
DRILL-3630 Cannot send SWB and projection to an external source

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