HampsonRussell Suite 10.3 geoview 10.3 HRS 10.3


Part I: for all users

•Faster pre-stack seismic loading
•Faster seismic display using templates
•Improved well display logic in seismic sections
•Improved display of high density seismic traces
•New horizontal well correlation
•Seismic processing – new de-spike process, speed improvements, batch
•Crossplotting – zone clusters now on volumes and slices

•Third party connectivity updates, Petrel and OpenWorks
•New multiple well sets
•Well Explorer – DT copies and curves summary
•Wavelet Explorer – convert ASCII to SEGY
•Velocity model – new export Vs and Vp/Vs
•Pick analysis – new options
•Load-once-use-everywhere for connecting HRS with other GeoSoftware applications.

Part II: For Specific Applications

•AVO Quick Modeling: new features in 1D and now with the new addition of 2D models
•AVO & ProMC: handling of shallow velocity layers
•Strata Model – stratigraphy, faster kriging
•Strata Inversion – faster inversion run time
•Emerge – support of depth-to-depth tables, crossplot options for validation analysis
•Pro4D – more QC processes and new Shaping filter for prestack.

•ProAZ – new improvements in Azimuthal velocity analysis, uncertainty QC and azimuthal modelling
•RockSI – better interface, new QCs
•GeoSI – stochastic inversion 10 to 40% faster
•MapPredict – improved performance of kriging option and large data set handling
•Volume Attributes: new S-transform and new Basis Pursuit Spectral Decomposition
•Advanced 3D visualization additions

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