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Updated applications in Omega 2017.1

Remember setups open option
The option to remember the setups that were open when the SeisFlow session was closed is now available. The option to restore those flows when SeisFlow is opened can be found on the Options-Applications dialog.
New Color scale “Bright Peaks”
A new color scale has been added to the default pallet in SeisView. It’s name is “Bright Peaks” and it was suggested by Area Geophysicists and Technology Managers to help highlight the extremes of amplitude while still giving the structural display of grey scale pallet.
Fit to Width, or Height or Both
There are additional options on the Fit to display window to adjust the scale in Both directions or Width or Height only.
Add handling for files deleted while open
If an open file in SeisView is overwritten or deleted, a dialog is displayed with a ‘Retry’ button to allow time for the file to be recreated. Optionally, the file can be closed.
SeisView Toolkit – Spectral Shaping Tool
Bandwidth Extension (BWXT) SFM is best described as a time-variant spectrally-constrained zero-phase deconvolution operation applied to seismic data.
This SFM is implemented in two modes:
Analysis and Design mode
Apply mode.
The Analysis and Design mode takes as input a seismic data, computes the average input spectra using Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT), and outputs the designed zero-phase time-variant operators.
The Application phase as input a seismic data (not necessarily the same as the one used in the previous mode) and the designed zero-phase operators from the previous mode, computes the STFT of the input data, applies the designed operators and finally outputs the bandwidth extended result of the seismic data.
SeisView Toolkit – INV_Q_FILT
The Inverse Q-Filter (INV_Q_FILT) Seismic Function Module (SFM) accurately removes the time-variant phase distortion generated by the earth filter.

Seismic Function Modules (SFMs)
The Omega Seismic Data Processing System offers multiple processing packages containing Seismic Function Modules (SFMs) tailored to client requirements. This document does not exclude information for SFMs selected for a specific processing package. Therefore, your data center may not use all SFMs described in this document. A package flag following a section heading indicates in which package the SFM is offered. Client centers implementing customized packages may find variations.

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