tNavigator 18.2


The key improvements in 18.2 are:
• Integration of modules Simulator, Network Designer, VFP Designer to build integrated
models of reservoir-surface network.
• In simulator: speed up in compositional model calculation by using vector instructions
of CPU+GPU processors.
• In simulator: the possibility to run restart models on different grid is available (with a
set of LGRs different from those in the base model).
• In Geology Designer: the possibility to create an experiment for Geology Designer
tables without building a complete hydrodynamic model is supported. This allows to
perform a complete uncertainty analysis for geological parameters.
• In Geology Designer: the possibility to create several grids in the same project is supported:
create, display and edit additional grids.
• In PVT Designer: the calculation of gas hydrates formation is implemented; visualization
of the hydrates curve is available on the Phase Envelope tab.
• In Model Designer: Cases Manager, that provides the possibilities to add comments
to cases, group cases, create folders with cases, set in cases arbitrary properties of
RUNSPEC, GRID, PROPS, SOLUTION sections, add development strategies.

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