Schlumberger GEOX 2018.1


GeoX* exploration risk and resource assessment software provides easy-to-use and scalable decision support for
risk, resource and value assessment of exploration projects and portfolios. The analytical foundation of GeoX
software is a common stochastic modeling framework that enables you to perform consistent, unbiased, and
accurate assessments of your exploration opportunities in exploration environments for any risk scenario. Optimal
exploration decisions are provided through a common database, allowing data sharing across projects and
disciplines. An effective management of the exploration portfolio is enabled through an integrated value
assessment and map-based play-to-prospect assessment workflows.

GeoX can now use up to 63 GB of memory. Previously the limit was less than 4 GB. The benefit of the increase in
available memory means that you can calculate larger analyses, such as complex Full Cycle analyses and Portfolio
Analyses with long time horizons, and large Play Sum Analyses with many Monte Carlo sample trials.
GeoX 2018 will not run on 32 bit installations of Windows. 64-bit ODBC or 64-bit Oracle client is required. Refer to
the Installation guide for details.

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