Petra 3.12


General Louisiana Production ID Updates – Action Required IHS is transforming its legacy Production Data Accumulation system to deliver production data in a more accurate and timely manner. IHS began building this new system in 2008 and went live with Colorado Production Data in July 2009. Since then, we have completed and implemented additional Rocky Mountain States including Arizona, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Since the transition, we are now able to syndicate Rocky Mountain Production data to customers on a weekly, and in some cases, daily basis. The Louisiana production data released in February, 2016 has significant modifications, offering many new benefits and advantages to customers. IHS strives to be proactive with solutions as a result this data update is not related to any specific Petra release. Please download the document below to learn more about actions you will need to take as a Petra user. Petra project preparation document – Download. Petra Licensing Petra 2018 includes new common licensing for Kingdom, Harmony, Petra, and GeoSyn. A network license requires a dedicated computer for the license server, and the installation of two license managers, one to communicate with the Sentinel EMS (Entitlement Management System), and one to activate and monitor licenses. For more information, see the Licensing section of the Installation Guide, available from the Entitlement Management System (EMS) or the Kingdom release website (login required for both). Backward Compatibility Petra updates periodically contain changes and additions to the database tables. If an updated version of Petra is used to access a shared project, older versions of Petra will no longer be able to access that project. All Petra seats within an organization should be updated at the same time. If the organization prefers to test new versions of Petra before general release to all users, testing should be done using dedicated test projects rather than projects that the organization wants to be accessible to older versions of Petra. Software Download Capability An electronic download of this new release is available from the IHS Petra Software Download page. From the Petra main menu select Help > Petra Download Web Site. Select the product you want to download and save the update file. After downloading the update, close Petra before installing. For the network version, all users must exit Petra before the update can be installed.

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