Cerberus v11.5 连续油管软件



Cerberus modeling software can help accurately predict and analyze cumulative forces at each stage of a coiled tubing, wireline, slickline or jointed pipe job. Since 1995, Cerberus has been the leading commercial software for planning and performing efficient well intervention services with numerous service companies and operators worldwide relying on this software.

Cerberus runs in the Windows® environment, either standalone or networked, the Cerberus suite provides:

  • Models
    • Fatigue life (Achilles™)
    • Hydraulics (Hydra™)
    • Tubing forces (Orpheus™)
  • Editors: configuration tools to enter input data required by the models
  • Monitors: real-time job modeling at the wellsite, for enhanced safety and efficiency
  • Reporting: professional print output, with integrated email for ease of distribution
  • Technical Support: provided by telephone and online, plus basic and advanced training courses, tutorials and extensive documentation
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