iMOSS 4.3 岩石物理软件


iMOSS 4.3


  • Ten new cross property models (Calculating Vp from Resistivity and vice versa) have been added.
  • Updated elastic SCA/DEM model and an electrical anisotropic SCA/DEM model.
  • Updated the Faust model to allow more flexibility.


Petrel DataConnector compatible iMOSS project, now supports Well Tops as well.

Previous Releases

iMOSS 4.2


  • Four new cross property models added (Calculating Vp from Resistivity and vice versa), along with the cementation/compaction burial model (Rock Builder type model).

iMOSS 4.1


  • Save a Petrel DataConnector compatible iMOSS project.
  • New Select Unit Dialog added.


  • New Anisotropic elastic and resistivity inclusion models added.
  • New Isotropic cross property models added.
  • Anisotropic soft porosity model added to rock builders.

iMOSS 4.0

  • Upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit.
  • Better performance in working with large iMOSS projects and complex workflows
  • Support for Windows 10 Pro.

Known Issues

Licensing error occurs when launched from a virtual machine.

iMOSS 3.4.1a

IM-543 “Curves Not Updating” Fixed

After exporting a LAS or SEGY file, plotted curves were no longer updated.  Running a model with different parameters would not show any change.

IM-571 “Full dialog of workflow not communicating with original dialog” Fixed

Changes to a variable in the workflow “tear-off” panel were not applied to the same variable in the original workflow.  Changes to a variable in in the original dialog were not propagated to the full dialog.

IM-580 “Crash when configuring Table View” Fixed

Deletion of a column from a table view could cause the program to crash.

iMOSS 3.4.1


An issue where workflows would prematurely stop when the project depth units are in feet has been fixed. The change is internal to the program (related to tolerances when using feet) and will not be seen by the user other than the tools and workflows completing properly.


Defects related to metric vs. imperial units in Mathpack have been fixed.

Various defects related to the display of the SRP module have been fixed.

Various defects related to LAS batch export have been fixed.

Stretch-and-squeeze for re-sizing wells has been added.

Rock Models

The Hudson model has been upgraded to handle three sets of cracks.

Three new resistivity models have been added:

1.    Rw Independent model

2.    Rw Semi-independent model

3.    SwRw Independent models

Known Issues

If a tool template is run with a marker or a start/stop depth, the model runs properly for those range(s). However, if any parameter type is set with a suffix of Ori (original) and specify Value, it only sets the first point outside those ranges to that value. Works as designed when curves are used, however.

iMoss will only load an LAS file with 165 curves or fewer.

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