FRACPRO 2017 压裂设计与分析软件


Version 10.9.33


  • Added Treatment Aliases for Multiple Treatment jobs.
  • Added several tags to Fracpro WITSML output on user feedback.
  • Added derivative and integration functionality to User-Defined channels.
  • Automatically pick optimal processor management scheme for normal run and for running in real-time to allow maximum model speed and also prevent model and output freezing when certain pop-up dialogs are open.
  • Added few “Text Channels” to Fracpro and these can be used in ASCII Data Output.
  • Improved Copy/Paste Perf Interval Page to allow easier copying and pasting multiple perf intervals in multiple treatments from a spreadsheet.
  • Added ability to enter tine step in seconds in addition to minutes on Simulation Control screen.
  • Added Fracture Interference Multiplier to better control the effect of stress interference.
  • Added ability to show temperature at any wellbore location vs. time.
  • Added Maximum Value setting to AutoScale in 3DViewer.


  • Improved Fracpro ribbon behaviour. User can now save changes to QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).
  • Added button in 3DViewer to reset the display.
  • Added stage editing capabilities in xy-plots, and improved existing setting stage options.
  • Added showing Min/Max/Average for a use-specified stage on xy-plots.
  • Fracpro now waits for non-zero flow if you start the model too soon in real-time mode.
  • Improved Compare Simulation Results functionality for multiple treatment jobs.
  • DataAcq: User can now use drop box to pick com port.


  • Fixed few issues with generating ASCII output when Fracpro is running from DBS file.
  • When changing stage manually, it updates time in F10 screen now.
  • Fixed several issues in TCP server and improved connectivity from DataAcq to TCP server.
  • Un/Selecting multiple perforations works better in Multi Treatment now.
  • Changes in Horizontal panes gets saved in template now.
  • Manage track functionality now works with dbd file as well.
  • Fixed accidental zoom-in on XY plots.
  • Fixed bug with setting Min/Max palette value in 2D Schema.
  • DataConvert: Fixed bugs to allow merging multiple DBS files.
  • DataAcq: In real time data gathering mode, DataAcq now uses machine time by default.
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