Mangrove Kinetix Shale 2016.2


Kinetix Shale* engineered stimulation design in the Petrel* platform is a Well Services plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform. It is designed for multistage completion and stimulation design and production evaluation for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

The Kinetix Shale plug-in is comprised of two tabs on the Petrel ribbon that are enabled when the Stimulation perspective is selected on the Home tab: Hydraulic fracture design and Hydraulic fracture production.
The Hydraulic fracture design tab contains all of the processes related to hydraulic fracture design (Set up well, Make zones, Make completions, Treatment design, Fluids, Proppants, etc.).
The Hydraulic fracture production tab contains all of the processes related to hydraulic fracture production (Production grid, Define case, Sensitivity analysis, History match calibration, NPV, etc.).
This document describes the necessary hardware and software to run Kinetix Shale and the process to install Petrel and Kinetix Shale. See the next section for information about the detailed hardware and software requirements.

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