DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.3.06


Product Description

You’ll see that we listened and are proudly delivering on the many asks of our clients and of the industry. This momentous release delivers major enhancements for increasing performance, science, scalability, and usability including:

  • Over 100 patent-pending innovations – Automated Fault Interpretation, Natural Fracture Modeling and others
  • Unmatched scalability and performance
  • Up to 12x performance increase on big data handling
  • The only market solution that can handle up to 1 million wells, as much as 10x more than competing solutions
  • Terabyte seismic volumes that can be displayed and interpreted, as much as 7x faster than competing solutions
  • Up to 30% increase in geosciences user productivity
  • Usability with RCP framework
  • Performance
  • Quick search finds tools and capabilities
  • Access to multi-vendor data across the enterprise at your fingertips
  • Dynamic help follows what you are doing
  • On demand video based e-Learning
  • Backward compatibility with DSG 10.0 release so as to minimize cost of upgrade and change
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