Landmark EDT 5000.15.1

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The Computerized Planning and Analysis Survey System (COMPASS) is a comprehensive software tool designed for use in directional well design by either oil companies or directional contractors. COMPASS is a tool that enables you to quickly and accurately plan wells and identify potential problems at the earliest possible stage.

All of the features for complex well trajectory design, monitoring and analysis are included. The list of features include survey and planning methods, torque-drag optimization, anti-collision plotting with traveling cylinder and ellipse of uncertainty.

COMPASS consists of three main function areas (Survey, Planning, Anticollision), as well as an extensive plotting tool.


WellPlan™ is drilling, completion and well service operations engineering software. WellPlan™ software can be used at the rig site and in the office to provide integration between engineering functions.

WellPlan™ software is based on a database and data structure common to many of Landmark’s drilling applications. This database is called the Engineer’s Drilling Data Model™ (EDM™) and supports the different levels of data that are required to use the drilling software. This is a significant advantage while using the software because of improved integration between drilling software products. Currently WellPlan™, COMPASS, StressCheck, CasingSeat, WELLCAT and CasingWear software use the common database and data structure.

Drilling oil and gas wells is a very complex and expensive proposition. Drilling costs generally account for a major capital expenditure for an operating company. In today’s competitive environment, companies are facing increasing numbers of technical challenges. Deepwater drilling, extended-reach drilling, slim-hole drilling, underbalanced drilling, and environmentally sensitive drilling areas are a few of these challenges. WellPlan™ software is the drilling engineering software that provides you with the competitive edge to help solve engineering problems during the design and operational phases for drilling and well completion.

The new results-oriented user interface offers more efficient analysis using only necessary inputs, saving time, and minimizing analysis steps. WellPlan™ is integrated with the other EDT™ applications enabling you to install it on the same computer or server in multi-user environments, and share data with other EDT™ software applications.


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