Rokdoc 6.6.2 岩石物理软件

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 DEF-15019: when exporting TVDss-TWT conversions to Petrel, TVDss depth used instead of
the converted TVDss to MD depth that Petrel required – resolved
 DEF-10764: WellTie crashes when duplicate volumes names used – resolved
 DEF-13918: Interconnector fails to recognise seismic phase template for seismic – resolved
 DEF-14652: if crop values are followed by a change to the selected volumes, crop values are
reset to the overall geometry – resolved
 DEF-14037: for RokDoc launched via Petrel ‘open RokDoc project’ option, any RokDoc-2D
quantities generated are not exportable back to Petrel – resolved
 DEF-15043: for seismic cropped and/or decimated during 2D/3D modelling; if start/stop and
sampling is not coincident with original sampling, sample rate in RokDoc is different – resolved
 DEF-15044: 3D modelling cannot be started if RokDoc believes model start Z is less than
minimum caused by switching between different surveys and depth intervals – resolved
 DEF-14644: 3D modelling results in erroneous duplicate model logs – resolved
 DEF-15042: picking a new horizon during 3D modelling results in the horizon transferring to
RokDoc in time domain regardless if new horizon is depth domain – resolved
 DEF-15060: file already closed for writing; error assigning traces to SEGY – resolved
 DEF-15206: transferred position sets have TVDss values instead of TVDkb values – resolved
 D-47658: wavelet extraction & 3D modelling crash if duplicate horizon names used – resolved
 D-47678: transferring seismic volumes to Petrel with steps greater than one incorrectly
populated – resolved

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