Paradigm Geolog 18


Geolog includes many new features and enhancements to improve the user experience and increase productivity. Selected highlights are briefly described below. Generalized Monte Carlo uncertainty functionality has been added to Geolog’s module launcher interface, allowing users to evaluate the impact of input parameter variation on the results from calculations. This functionality works on both modules supplied with Geolog and any locally created custom modules that the user has created (without the need for any additional coding). New Formation Test QA / QC views have are available in Geolog which enable users to rapidly load, display and assess the quality of pressure tests and integrate these measurements with other forms of borehole data to improve overall reservoir understanding. Geolog introduces a new automatic report generation tool which allows users to create custom report templates featuring text, tables and live graphical views which can be saved and used to deliver consistent reports in a high quality format across multiple wells, projects and sites. Geolog has traditionally provided a range of customization options and the latest release sees this further enhanced by the inclusion of the ability to access Python scripts from Loglan. This functionality enables direct access to a wide variety of third party libraries for statistical analysis (e.g., pandas) and machine learning (e.g., TensorFlow).

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