FracproPT 2019


Version 10.10.13
 Added FlexNet Publisher Licensing for Fracpro. Fracpro can now use FlexNet Publisher Licensing
(FlexLM) for local as well as license server in addition to existing licensing system.
 Added Digital Display to Fracpro which allows user to see channels in real time.
 Added Stage Summary which allows user to see various configurable parameter for each stage while the
job is in progress.
 Added Layer Sensitive model option to Fracpro. This option calculates the effective fracture length in each
reservoir layer over the entire fracture height, rather than assuming an elliptical profile as in the past. The
new option results in more fracture length in layers with less fracture width (e.g. high stress layers), giving a
more realistic fracture geometry and proppant distribution. Better prediction of Frac Hits in adjacent wells.
 Added new Cluster Efficiency screen to mode variable flow distribution between perforation intervals over
time. Allows diversion matching.
 Updated the pack width model equation for proppants. The width regression coefficients for individual
proppants are used in this revised equation to determine the pack width under any conditions as a function
of stress and pack concentration.
 Allow user to assign color to channels across Fracpro.
 Allow user to assign alias and color for real-time channels.
 Added ability to have different proppant effects on wellbore friction for multiple proppants.
 Added temperature-dependent fluid rheology inside fracture.
 Added real time ASCII data output even for periods when the model is waiting for flow.
 Added several options in 3D Viewer.
 Pasting XLS data to deviation survey.
 Fixed Copy Treatment under/over flush bug.
 Can use Additive channels in User Defined Channel.
 For Floating plot, print pop up now comes up over Floating plot.

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