geolog 19.0


New Features and Enhancements
Artist • When you edit an image, Uniform Scale now allows any of the DPI, Width or Height settings to be changed. As a result, the other settings on the Image Edit dialog box will immediately update accordingly. • An Apply button has been added, so changes can now be applied without closing the Image Edit dialog box. • Support has been added for generating postscript files that contain image logs, dramatically improving performance and reducing the output file size.
Borehole Image Processing and Analysis
Borehole Image Processing • An Advanced processing option has been added to the EMI/XRMI, STAR, Earth Imager, GeoXplorer, HMI and OMI image generation modules. This option enables you to manually set the processing parameters for pad/button shifts and pad flip. • A speed correction module for OMRI image data (tp_speed_correction_omri) is now available. • Only tool orientation logs are required for the upper pads as input when processing Halliburton OMRI data. Orientation logs for the lower pads are no longer required. • You can now extract 2D images (vertical slice and cylindrical) from 3D CT image files using the Extract Image from 3D module. • The Quanta Geo image processing modules now: • Use radii instead of calipers for a more accurate depiction of the pad positions at the borehole wall. • Only require the orientation logs for the upper pads as input. • For Weatherford CMI image (tp_image_from_cmi) processing, the ability to create an image from 3rd party processed images supplied either as 8 pads or 16 button rows array logs has been added. • A redundant parameter, AZI_TYPE, has been removed from the geoVISION/Microscope image generation (tp_image_from_gvr_lwd) module.
Borehole Image Analysis • In the Fracture Aperture (tp_fracture_aperture) module: • Extreme high values for the FRACWIDTH log are no longer output when the image data has values close to zero. • An option to calculate a qualitative ranking of the apparent fracture aperture from an uncalibrated image log has been added.

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