tNavigator 19.2

1. tNavigator 19.2
The key new features in tNavigator 19.2 are:
• In Simulator: Multiple GPUs may be used for isothermal compositional models for vapor-liquid equilibrium, phase properties and their derivatives calculations.
• In Geology Designer:
– Interpolation algorithms (Kriging, SGS, SIS) may be run on GPU (GPU is used in 3D grid properties calculation Interpolation (Zones, Regions) and Facies Modelling (Zones, Regions)). – The lithotypes prediction along wellbores using machine learning algorithms is available.
• In Model Designer: The new option is available for hydraulic fractures to switch between LGR approximation and virtual connection approximation.
• In PVT Designer black-oil delumping options have been implemented to provide conversion of black oil models to compositional models.
• In AHM and Uncertainty module new algorithms have been implemented: Ensemble and Box-Behnken.
• In VFP Designer new object is available – Electric Submersible Pump (ESP). • In Network Designer new object is available – Python Object. The functions of this object may be set via Python code via application programming interface API.

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