GeoModeling 2019

What is AttributeStudio?

AttributeStudio™ is an integrated toolkit that provides advanced seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows. With the release of AttributeStudio™ 8, seismic interpreters can complete the entire workflow of basic seismic interpretation, advanced attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation (QI) in a single AttributeStudio™ project. Users can take the seismic and well data through the process of seismic-well tie, fast horizon and fault picking, advanced attribute generation, visualization, quantitative analysis, prediction of reservoir properties and production potential to enable faster and better decisions.

The following is a partial list of workflows that users can accomplish with AttributeStudio™, all performed on a single project in an interactive environment.

1) Basic seismic interpretation

2) Advanced 2-D and 3-D visualizations

3) Image filtering and data conditioning

4) Calculate seismic attributes

5) Seismic attribute analysis

6) Predict reservoir properties from seismic attributes

7) Predict production potential and sweet-spot mapping

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