WellCad 5.3

New in WellCAD v5.3 b625
• A new Core Image Cropper tool has been implemented to allow users cropping, depth labeling and creating a continuous core image from box photographs. Get started by working through the tutorial.
• CoreCAD the digital core description add-on for WellCAD has been reviewed. It is easier and faster to use and comes with new data entry options. Learn about the new tools from the tutorial.
• Improved Tabular Editor: Row numbers and new cell formatting options (such as percentage bar and gradient color background) have been added. The automatic depth snap of rows can be turned off.
• A new collection of Groundwater processes to estimate shale volume, porosity, permeability and hydraulic conductivity from various input parameters has been added to the Common processes section.
• Using the new Flowmeter Workspace is an easy to use way to pick no-flow zones and derive relative or absolute interval flow rates. The Flowmeter workspace is part of WellCAD Basic and does not require any add-on module to be activated.
• LAS file import: The capability of grouping logs and support of the LAS v3.0 file format (import and export) has been added.
• Null values can be defined for each Well, Formula, Mud, Image and FWS Log individually in the log’s properties.
• New logs can be inserted as specific logs from log templates or as generic logs (i.e. without preset layout and scale).
• Users can save and apply log templates. Instead of dealing with generic log types like Well, Mud or Litho log the user can now select a Gamma Ray, Core Density or Rock Type log which comes with preset display styles.
• The Color Classification process has been improved to support a default color and saving of the processing parameters.
• The Log Summary Bar has been improved and provides a number of statistical option to be displayed along with the histogram.
• After a revision of the Statistics Bar it is now possible to generate Interval Logs from the statistics table displayed in the toolbar.
• When exporting multiple logs into a single *.TXT, *.CSV or *.ASC file the precision of each exported channel can be selected. Also the option to export data against depth intervals (e.g. litho beds or strata units) has been added.

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