DTCC SmartSolo®

The seismic industry continues to demand that exploration is carried out at ever-greater scale and receiver density, while somehow attempting to balance the requirement to keep project costs under control. To provide the industry with a solution to this challenge, DTCC has developed the SmartSolo® intelligent seismic sensor.

SmartSolo® is based on DT-SOLO, the high-sensitivity geophone and focuses on the principal of seismic exploration which is known as 3W (Wave = high fidelity signal; When = accurate timing; and Where = the location), incorporated with electronics and software technologies in mobile internet era. This smart sensor provides adequate info for highest-quality seismic data acquisition while keeping its functions and structure as simple as possible. Electronics and software technologies are super reliable, mature and cost-effective in mobile internet era. These technologies are used for SmartSolo® at maximum possible scale. The result: the geophone is something smart, reliable, user-friendly, cost-eective and could run in any harsh environment.

Download the Datasheet

DT-Solo® – The Heart of SmartSolo®
High-quality seismic data derives from high-quality seismic sensors. DT-SOLO is a high-sensitivity geophone
specially designed for point receiver applications. It is well-known in the seismic industry as the top-quality high-sensitivity geophone which is widely used by contractors and equipment manufacturers.

  • High Quality
  • High Sensitivity
  • Super Reliable
  • Greater Savings
  • Low Distortion
  • Single Point Receiver
  • Industry Leader
  • Available in 10 Hz & 5 Hz
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