sysdrill 11

Paradigm® Sysdrill® 11 upgrades the Sysdrill 10.5 well planning and drilling engineering application by providing key functional enhancements and bug fixes.

Sysdrill 11 is compatible with both the Paradigm 15.5, Paradigm 17 and Paradigm 18 application suites.

The following enhancements are included in Sysdrill 11:
2D Graphics and Depth Logs
Enhanced layout editing with improved interactivity and new context menus.
Added ability to save Layouts with relative widths of each chart.
Added scroll bars to layouts.
3D Viewer
The length of labels has been set to a default value of 60. This value can be increased by modifying the Maximum Label Length preference located in the Graphs section of the Preference Editor.
The surface projection is now correctly interpolated between the surface and the planned sidetrack.
Collapse equations updated as detailed in ANSI/API Technical Report 5C3/ISO 10400:2007 Annex M
Triaxial values are now also displayed as stresses in the result Graphs, and in the Point Results data tables.
New material grades have been added into the catalogues:
For drill collars: Material Grades 45, 383, and 402
For drill pipes: Material Grades 16, 4-11, and 1953T1
Sysdrill now supports stage cementing.
Help System
The Help system has been updated to include new features and changes associated with the Sysdrill 11 release.
The Help System now integrates the new Reverb HTML 5 technology. The documentation displays properly on all display devices.
Numerical results are now shown in the Swab/Surge calculation editor and associated report template.
The minimal flow rate to reduce cuttings has been added into the Hydraulics calculation.
Hole cleaning with and without pipe rotation has been added to Sysdrill.
Sysdrill now supports IPM error models with alternate terms.
Magnetic models have been updated to include the latest published versions:
BGS Global Geomagnetic Model (BGGM) 2017 and 2018.
NOAA Enhanced Magnetic Model (EMM) 2017.
NOAA High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM) 2017.
Note The BGGM and HDGM models are only available to customers who subscribe to those projects.
The last layout you saved is now available for all the graphs you display. Any new calculations will automatically inherit the information.
User-friendly color indications have been added into the results tables to indicate pass/failure rates for calculations.
You can now set a preference to control whether the Zero Dogleg is represented by an arrow symbol or a decimal value in reports.
Well Planning
A DLS (Dog Leg Severity) column has been added into the Survey dialog.
A Slider tool has been implemented within 2D view graphs (Section, Plan and Traveling Cylinder) to allow interactive queries.
The Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) index has been added next to the DDI in the wellpath details of the actual and planned wellbores. It has also been added into the report.
Well Setup
You can now set up Rig Datums within the Slot Configuration Spreadsheet.
The Sysdrill user interface has been improved to enable a more efficient wellhead set-up.
When setting up your wellbore, you can add links to external data sources such as URIs or Excel files.
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