GMG mesa 16

Welcome to MESA Version 16.0. There are a few important changes (highlighted in red) that you should read.

1. There are some database format changes for MESA Version 16.0 projects. Once a project has been saved in Version 16.0 you should not re-open projects in earlier versions of MESA or you will risk corrupting your projects.

2. The colorscales and configuration files are now installed in C:\ProgramData\GreenMountain\colorscales and C:\ProgramData\GreenMountain\config respectively. The first time that MESA 16.0 is launched, the user preferences will be updated to point to the new colorscale and configuration file directories. If you have custom colorscales or configuration files, you can either reset the user preferences to their previous locations or you can copy your custom files to the new directories.

3. The release notes will appear when you start MESA as long as Display Release Notes on Startup is set to Yes in the user preferences. The user preferences are also used to set the default data directory for MESA projects.

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