IC 2019

IC 2019 Release ( – Released 13th May 2019
Database Changes
• Access and Oracle databases can no longer be opened in IC 2019. They will need to be converted using IC 2018 to SQL
Server LocalDB or SQL Server. All multi-user databases should be converted to SQL Server.
• New method of creating SQL Server databases available without needing to set up a blank database within MSSMS
first (see Release Note – 4.3.0 – SQL Server Databases for further details)
• New MSI installer file available for streamlined corporate deployment (see Installation Document IC 2019 – MSI.pdf for
further details)
Array Curves
• New capability within IC to load, store and visualise Array curve data (see Release Note – 4.3.0 – Array Curves for
further details)
• Array curve data now included within the IP-IC Common Database Synchronisations
• Import curve data (including array curves) using new IC DLIS Loader (see Release Note – 4.3.0 – IC DLIS Loader for
further details)
• Expand Log Browsers to see all array curve values
• Visualise array curves on a wellstick track using average values, waveform and gradient visualisation
• Use finalised FMI array curves from IP within IC interpretations (see Release Note – 4.3.0 – Visualising FMI Data Within
IC for further details)
• Array curve averages used within well queries, map analysis and other reporting functionality
Project and Well Permissions
• New Project Roles and Well Roles introduced to User Permissions (see Release Note 4.3.0 – Project and Wells
Permissions for further details)
• Enable Database Administrators more control over who has access to specific wells and projects within an IC Database
• Create Roles which can be applied to users either giving or restricting access to specific Projects
• Create Roles which can be applied to users either giving or restricting access to specific Wells
IP – IC Common Database
• New window indicating the progress of the synchronisation
• New ability to create Multi User SQL Server IC database directly from IP interface (see Release Note – 4.3.0 – Multi User
IC SQL Database from IP for further details)
• Ability to update the well header information within both applications and save the changes
• Visualise array curve data from IP within IC
• IP-IC Common databases can now be included within IC Project Imports
Tie on Stratigraphic Qualified Units
• New functionality giving the user the ability to ignore stratigraphic qualifiers when tying data on a chart (see Release
Note – 4.3.0 – Stratigraphic Qualifiers – Ties for further details)
• Available for both pick and interval data types
• For use with Correlation Wizard, Ties Manager and Manual Ties
• Configuration file available where users can add new qualifier symbols

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