Paradigm 公司的钻井设计软件. 提供与地质一体化的井位油井设计和钻井工程计算分析。高度集成的Sysdrill 能够实现在地质环境下同步交互油井设计分析,为工程与地质团队合作提供技术手段,实现多学科综合决策。

Paradigm? Sysdrill 2012, the latest version of Paradigm’s well planning and drilling engineering software package, was developed with the product’s expanding user base in mind, and contains numerous customer-driven functionality enhancements. Compatible with the Paradigm Epos® 4.1 infrastructure, Sysdrill 2012 delivers significant performance improvements, especially for large data sets.

Some of the salient features of the new release are:

Well Planning & Survey Management

Survey management T-plots
? Survey management T-plots
? Manual project ahead mode and plan vs. actual for projection
? Real-time survey mode
? ISCWSA updates to Revision 3 + widely adopted extensions to the ISCSWA standard
? New graphs for survey management
? Survey tool import/export
? New map projections

Drilling Engineering ? Improved bottom hole assembly (BHA) diagrams
? Additional BHA parameters for Torque & Drag and Hydraulics
Torque & Drag

Swivel tool
? True tension calculation
? Applied pressure support
? Stretch & twist plots
? Drag and standoff plots
? Modeling of swivel and tractor tools
? Post-buckling stress and length change calculations
? Hole configuration added to calculation results
Hydraulics ? Managed pressure calculations
? Split flow support for Hydraulics & swab surge
? Improved swab surge calculations
? Hole configuration added to calculation results

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